Sunday, April 09, 2006


Nothing to do today? Good thing. Because for the next 5 hours you're going to be watching the entire run of MTV's Clone High U.S.A. right there on your computer.
Episode One ESCAPE TO BEER MOUNTAIN: A ROPE OF SAND Gengis: "I am 21! I am not 21!" JFK: "Get off my dingy! Not you." Episode Two ELECTION BLU-GALOO JFK: "Ask not what your Student Body President can do for you. Ask what you can do to your Student Body President." Episode Three A.D.D.: THE LAST 'D' IS FOR DISORDER Tom Green: "So some of you may have been mean to a kid with ADD. That's not cool. Coffee? Anyone for - coffee anyone? All right, sorry. I like cotton candy. Check out my muscle. Potato chips. It's a Ferris wheel. So I guess what I'm trying to say is - plastic bag. Plastic bag. Plastic bag. Plastic bag. Plastic bag. Plastic bag." Episode Four FILM FEST: TEARS OF A CLONE Scudsworth: "Maybe we could have dinner. Perhaps the Olive Garden. It's like eating in the private kitchen of a delightful Italian stereotype!" Episode Five SLEEP OF FAITH: LA RUE D'AWAKENING JFK: "I can stay 'up' ALL NIGHT LONG! I accentuate the 'up' and also the 'long' for what I hope are obvious reasons! So let's get back together and bone up! On the PXJTs! (Guess what the 'P' is for... )" Episode Six, Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4 HOMECOMING: A SHOT IN THE D'ARK Jon D'Ark: "That Joan of Arc is one tasty piece of bitch." Episode Seven PLANE CRAZY: GATE EXPECTATIONS Ghandi: "G Spot rocks the G Spot!" Episode Eight RAISIN THE STAKES: A ROCK OPERA IN THREE ACTS Jack Black: "Are you ready to say no to drugs? Because if you don't say no to drugs, you're going to say yes ... to regret. And believe me I know a little something about regret. I regret the time ... that I got high ... and wrote a hit song that made me insane amounts of coin. Coin I used ... to buy more drugs. ... And a motorboat. ... And a house for my mom. ... Plus, I gave some to charity." Episode Nine A ROOM OF ONE'S CLONE: THE PIE OF THE STORM Mr. Butlertron: "I'm walking on sunshine. Whoa. Oh." Episode Ten LITTER KILLS: LITTERALLY Featuring the janitor from Scrubs as, well, the janitor: "Ponce was like a son to me. Probably because he was my foster son." Episode Eleven, Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4 SNOWFLAKE DAY: A VERY SPECIAL HOLIDAY EPISODE Abe Lincoln: "It's just not snowflake day without a lamb taco!" Episode Twelve, Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 MAKEOVER, MAKEOVER, MAKEOVER: THE MAKEOVER EPISODE "Makeover, Makeover. Makeover, Makeover. Makeover, Makeover. MAKEOVER!" Episode Thirteen, Part 1, Part 2 CHANGES: THE BIG PROM: THE SEX ROMP: SEASON FINALE Cleo: "Abe ... It's sex o'clock ... it may have sounded like I said the number 'six'. But instead I substituted it with a more suggestive word. 'Sex.' "
Watch it while you can. Thank me later.